Vander Apartments welcomes you to Bergen, a city where the past meets the present against a backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty. Our apartments provide a cozy retreat in the heart of this coastal haven, where UNESCO-listed Bryggen Wharf and the vibrant Fish Market are just steps away. Immerse yourself in the local culture, explore the surrounding mountains and fjords, and return to the comfort of your stylishly furnished apartment for a seamless fusion of tradition and contemporary living.

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Bergen - Norway

Damsgårdssundet - One Bedroom

1 bedroom 2+1 guests

Find your way to the new and modern Damsgård district. Well suited for couples, business or solo tra...

Bergen - Norway

Damsgårdssundet - Two Bedroom 3P

1 bedroom 3+1 guests

A lovely stroll from the city center takes you to Damsgård, a new developed district by a harbor pro...

Bergen - Norway

Damsgårdssundet and Solheimsgaten - Two Bedroom 4P

2 bedrooms 4+1 guests

Stay in spacious apartments a nice walk from the city center. The apartments are in two different ar...

Bergen - Norway

Solheimsgaten - Three Bedroom 5P

3 bedrooms 5+1 guests

Explore Bergen city and its seven mountains with a base in our modern apartments. In walking distanc...